Tobias Allen

I came to Barts because I failed my A-levels at another college and was consequently unable to get to uni on the course I wanted (Biomedicine). After only a year at Barts I was able to turn my A-levels around (pretty astonishing considering it took two years to fail the first time I did them!). As a result of going to Barts, I was able get to Uni. In fact, I actually had a choice of where I wanted to go.


Phoebe Jones

Being a student at Barts was brilliant. I felt like I was listened to by my teachers and supervisor, and made to feel comfortable and supported throughout my university applications and my studies.

My teachers knew their subjects inside out and I felt reassured that I could get through the content before my exams.


Jo Miller

Barts were amazing. My son’s tutor was perfect in every way, we couldn’t have asked for a more amazing chap to not only turn 2 C’s into an A star and an A grade, but also the level of care and support was beyond anything we could have hoped for. Barts is like a family that care for you from start to finish. When the experience is all all over, you miss them. I cannot recommend them more highly. A star Barts!


Alison Cowley

My daughter attended Barts for tuition in one subject in year 13 whilst she was at sixth form college, as ill health was affecting her grades. Everyone at Barts was incredibly kind and supportive, and they were happy to work in a way that suited my daughter. Their sincere interest in their pupils was apparent from the very first meeting. I think it is a unique and exceptional place.


Paige Allen

The one to one tuition allows you to get the most out of each lesson. While the socials and common room ensure that you are far from isolated. Your individual progress is monitored as the year goes on, helping to ensure and enable you to reach your full potential. Bartholomews proved to be everything I needed and more and I would sincerely urge others to consider going here.


Paule Constable

Barts have helped our family in so many ways. Mike was hugely supportive – he listened and supported in very different ways.

I can’t thank them enough. From extra GCSE learning support to an extra A level – the teaching was excellent and their approach always well suited.


Ben Williams-Thomas

Over the two year period my daughter was there we found the level of teaching to be first class. The one to one teaching was invaluable and my daughter loved the independence as Barts has the feel of a mini university. The staff treat the students like grown ups and there is a strong feeling of trust. Barts are extremely sensitive to an individual child’s requirements. I can’t recommend this college more highly. Thanks Barts!


Ed Kirk

I studied at Barts College for my A Level retakes and really benefited from the independent and flexible tuition I received there. The staff were really supportive and its a great learning environment.

I achieved all the goals I set myself thanks to Barts and am now at a Russell Group University. Highly recommended!